Zombie Costumes


An ancient curse awakened? A government experiment gone wrong? The beginning of an alien invasion, or the end of the world? Whatever the reason, it seems the zombie apocalypse has begun. From decaying walkers to undead ghouls, disgusting demons now seem to outnumber the living. Do you stand and fight, or surrender and join their ranks?

If you're looking for a cinema-quality fright that won't soon be forgotten, turn to hauntingly realistic Horror and Zombie Halloween costumes from The Horror Dome. These freaky creations feature full, over the head masks, lifelike hands, and a body suit to tie the whole look together. Hand haired, painted and detailed by talented and twisted artists, these premium costumes will scare the wits out of anyone who crosses your path.

Add a new monster to your haunted house, stage a shockingly lifelike zombie attack, or trick or treat dressed as a ghoul from the underworld. Whether you're running a professional attraction, shooting an indie horror flick, or just going all out for the big costume party, you'll find these creepy characters are up to the task. Bring home a delightfully dreadful design today.

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