HD Studios Comfort Fit Halloween Costumes


Our NEW line of Comfort Fit Costumes have been designed with your comfort in mind and are perfect for trick or treating and/or haunted house use. Our NEW HD Signature Comfort Costumes come with a hood or realistic hair which is light weight and comfortable, Comfort fit gloves which allow you to pick things up and a Black Rotting burlap Shirt/Robe. The shirt includes two hook and loop closures and a polyester lining. These comfortable masks give all the appearance of being a full latex mask while providing the comfort of a partial mask thanks to its attached hood. There’s no reason that you have to smell like the undead after playing one for Halloween, and this breathable mask and costume proves it!

Our Comfort Fit products offer the following Benefits.

Light Weight

They are Comfortable to wear allowing longer wear time.

Better Breathability 

4 products

4 products