Swamp Dweller Halloween Costume

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Suddenly, you catch a whiff of dank and rancid air filled with the stench of rotting plants and animals. Something moves in the bushes as you scramble for your flashlight. You flick on the beam and don't see anything. Then, you feel a cool, slimy hand on your shoulder. You turn to face a vile lizard/human hybrid; The Swamp Dweller. With scaly skin, ferocious teeth ready to take a chomp out of your neck, and piercing soulless eyes, this bipedal brute is about to make you his next meal. At The Horror Dome you'll find Hollywood-quality Halloween costumes that will strike fear into the hearts of kids and adults alike. From a night causing mischief around the neighborhood, to a bumping costume party, or a day shooting an indie horror film, you'll have an dreadfully realistic look with a premium Swamp Dweller costume. The townspeople will think twice about taking a moonlit dip in the pond with this monster on the loose.

Swamp Dweller Features:

  • Movie Quality
  • Includes deluxe over the head mask, hands with movable fingers , feet, and a rain slicker!
  • Fits to your original height

The Swamp Dweller is a halloween costume offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.