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This Movie Quality Bigfoot Halloween costume stands over 7 feet tall and is brilliantly detailed by talented artists and craftspeople in The Horror Dome's studio. This impressive costume is so realistic that it was used in a hoax that fooled major news networks into reporting that a dead Sasquatch had been found. Featuring arm and height extenders, you'll tower over trick or treaters in this full-body costume.

As ancient as the forest itself, this massive ape-like creature has been the subject of folklore for generations. Though hard evidence of this elusive giant is hard to come by, plenty of hikers, campers and hunters swear they exist. Monstrously large, with powerful hands that can crush bone and near-human intelligence, Bigfoot is the undisputed king of the deep, unexplored woods. Be alert for a dank, musty odor that signals his arrival. Freak out the townspeople with a Sasquatch costume so realistic, they'll swear they've seen the real thing. This Movie Quality Bigfoot Halloween costume stands over 7 feet tall and is brilliantly detailed by talented artists and craftspeople in The Horror Dome's studio. This impressive costume was used in a hoax that fooled multiple major news networks into reporting that a dead Sasquatch had finally been found. Featuring arm and height extenders, you'll tower over trick or treaters in this full-body costume.

Make a Big impression this year with our Sasquatch / Bigfoot Costume!

Movie Quality Sasquatch Bigfoot Costume Features:

  • Fits people from 5'9" to 7' tall
  • Makes you up to 1 foot taller
  • Costumes comes with fur suit, mask, hands, feet and muscle suit.

As seen on CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, Inside Edition, and every other TV news station in the country, the Sasquatch Bigfoot costume is a movie quality Halloween costume offered by the experts the Horror Dome. See the outfit that fooled the world.

Bigfoot Sightings

A reclusive primate? A North American Yeti? Or simply a legend perpetuated by exaggeration and clever hoaxes? Though this mythical beast is mostly spotted in the Pacific Northwest, reports of strange encounters with large, hairy humanoid creatures have come in from all over the US and Canada. From wrestling gators in the humid swamps of the American Southeast, to raiding chicken coops in the Upper Great Lakes region or hanging out with the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens, this beastly biped sure gets around. Bigfoot sightings continue to be reported in virtually every corner of the continent. Will your block be next? Start a Bigfoot sighting craze in your neighborhood with the movie-quality costume from The Horror Dome. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even be adopted by a family of Sasquatch.

Bigfoot Videos

If this woolly wanderer does exist, where is the evidence? Though there are numerous convincing stories of encounters with Bigfoot, there’s never really been hard proof of its existence.

Aside from large footprints found in the woods, which of course, can easily be faked, perhaps the best evidence of this man-like monster’s existence is the famous Patterson-Gimlin film. Shot more than a half a century ago by the banks of Bluff Creek in Northern California, it would be extremely difficult to make such a lifelike fake with the technology available. Jeffery Meldrum is a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, and compares the ape-man in the Patterson-Gimlin film to Hollywood productions of the time, like the Planet of the Apes franchise. Not even the cutting edge of Tinsel Town costume design can produce a creature as lifelike as the 50+ year old film. Perhaps the cryptozoologists and experienced woodspeople of Animal Planet’s Monster Week will be able to shed some light on this age-old mystery.

Finding Bigfoot

If the pros at Animal Planet can't locate hard evidence of this strange simian, maybe it's time to take things into your own hands. Apparently, more than a few travelers these days are planning their entire vacation around hunting for Bigfoot, in popular spots like Trinity National Forest and Klamath National Forest (probably best to decide how you feel about killing vs. observing this big brute before you go). Follow a few tips to increase your odds of making contact. Make sure you move very quietly through the brush, lest you scare off the Sasquatch. Bring plaster to make molds of any large footprints you may come across, and keep an eye peeled for tufts of reddish brown or black fur, or bones that look hominid in nature. Of course, don't forget to keep your nostrils open as well. People who have had close encounters in the wild claim the Sasquatch has a distinctive foul musky odor. Though trudging through the wilderness is hard work, you may make an important scientific discovery. You'll definitely have a great excuse to spend time with friends and family, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. At the end of the day though, it might just be easier to make up your own evidence with a hand detailed Bigfoot costume from The Horror Dome. That's what two Georgia men did in 2008, and it fooled multiple national news networks.

Is Bigfoot Real?

But wait. Despite all the proven hoaxes and misidentified remains, there are plenty of intelligent people who believe there's a hulking ape hiding out in the woods. A team of scientists working for DNA Diagnostics Inc. has concluded a five year long study that they say confirms the existence of a novel hominin hybrid species, commonly called 'Bigfoot' or 'Sasquatch' living in North America. Before you set out to meet our colossal cousins, it should be noted that this study is still highly controversial. No one outside of the company performing the study has had a chance to independently verify the data, or even the names and specialties of the scientists involved. To the skeptic, it reeks of pseudoscience. Those looking for irrefutable, rock hard evidence, there's still nothing to completely certify these tall tales.
Like all folktales, stories of Bigfoot are also hard to completely disprove, especially when you take into account the sheer size and density of woodland in the US and Canadian West. Believers will probably be searching for this phantom primate until the end of time.

Bigfoot Movies

Scary, monstrous, and completely fascinating, Bigfoot has piqued the imagination of both children and adults for generations. From staring as a lovable oaf in Harry and the Hendersons, to being the focus of the classic The Legend of Bigfoot documentary, as well as a source of terror in numerous B-movies, Sasquatches have starred in many roles on the big screen.

With a studio-quality Bigfoot costume from The Horror Dome, you'll have an incredibly realistic design that will give any home- or indie-movie impressive big-budget looks. This full-body suit and mask features hand laid hair for a shockingly lifelike look. Glass eyes and hand painted skin contribute to the effect. This choice costume also comes with platform shoes that will add a full foot to your height. You'll truly be an imposing figure in this premium Sasquatch costume. Whether you're creeping out the neighbors on Halloween, playing a practical joke on friends at the campsite, shooting your own horror flick, or trying your best to create an undebunkable hoax, this costume set will get the job done. Discover a number of costumes from talented artists at The Horror Dome today.


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