Alien Flesh Eater Halloween Costume

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What was that streak through the night sky? You decide to go and investigate. Taking a few fellow campers along for safety, you hike in the darkness through dense wood. Finally you discover the source of that bright falling star; a crashed UFO. In an instant, the door swings open and this hungry extraterrestrial critter lunges towards you. As his razor sharp teeth sink into your buttocks, you struggle to push him away. You never thought you'd experience a close encounter of the culinary kind. The Alien Flesh Eater Halloween decoration is designed to be either worn around your hip, or positioned as a menacing prop. Ideal for parties, you'll have your hands free to eat and drink while this little twerp chews on your midsection. A Horror Dome original, this bloodthirsty beast is hand painted and detailed for an unbelievably realistic look. Display him on your porch, and make the local kids think twice before approaching your home.