HD Professional Halloween Masks


If you're serious about providing the most terrifying experience during your Halloween event or your Haunt, an HD Studios Professional Halloween Mask is just the ticket. The demented geniuses working day and night in our crafting labs produce these unique hand-crafted designs you won't find anywhere else. This line of Halloween masks is certain to send chills down the spine of your guests, and make your party or Haunt the talk of the town. Wearing one of these Halloween masks while handing out candy ensures that you'll have plenty left at the end of the night, thanks to the realistic design scaring the trick-or-treaters away!

Each of these Halloween masks is built on our full over-the-head designs that feature a cover that extends over the chest and shoulder that makes their realistic appearance indisputable. These Halloween masks feature hair that's been carefully placed by hand, while the texture of the skin is the result of terrifying craftsmanship.

Looking for a Halloween mask that will chill the soul while remaining comfortable to wear? Look into our HD Studios Comfort Fit Masks; they have all the craftsmanship of our HD Studio Pro Masks while focusing on breathability and comfort!

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1 product