PURPLE PEOPLE EATER Halloween Animatronic

"Purple People Eater" Halloween Animatronic

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From a dank dirty cave, deep inside the Earth, this demon emerges with menacing mirth. Lusting for human meat, he stalks the forest in search of plump, juicy children to munch on, though he'll settle for any man or woman who crosses his path. The Purple People Eater has an insatiable hunger for fresh kill. Will you escape back to the relative safety of the village, or be dragged into the woods by his razor sharp claws? The Purple People Eater Halloween animatronic is sure to please legions of curious and frightened onlookers. Perfect for a monster room in a haunted house, or drawing attention to your store front or place of business, this ferocious forest-dweller is a lifelike sight that won't soon be forgotten. Chewing away to an array of sound effects, you'll be impressed by the hand painted details and brilliant craftwork that goes into constructing such a realistic-looking beast.