Victor 4 Eyes Halloween Prop

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The call him Victor 4 Eyes, but it's not for a bespectacled mug. An experiment gone wrong has mutated this thug. Now he murders, tortures, and lies, all with an extra pair of mad eyes. The product of genetic testing, ol' Vic as grown to become one of the sinister doctor's most trusted henchmen. From daily upkeep in the lab, to routinely capturing new subjects from the nearby town, this extra-ocular goon lives to serve his master. The Victor 4 Eyes Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is an unsettlingly lifelike prop that features intricate hand detailing and real human hair. He's an unforgettable character that will make any mad scientist's laboratory come to life. At over six feet tall, he's a formidable fellow that will inspire both awe and terror in your guests. With four glazed-over peepers on his ferocious face, Victor is always keeping an eye out for an unlucky new guinea pig.