Mutilated Mike Severed Head Halloween Decoration

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Though he always kept his cool, Mike ended up losing his head at the hands of a murderous executioner. Tortured for weeks in a soundproof cellar, the victim's plea for mercy could not be heard. Finally, when the demented psychopath had grown bored with Mike's incessant wailing, he lopped off his noggin to keep as a sinister souvenir, and tossed the body into a roaring incinerator. As a curious smell drifted over the surrounding neighborhood, our cold-blooded killer placed Mutilated Mike's severed head on display with his other prizes. This high-quality Halloween prop will be the perfect addition to any collection of macabre merchandise or grotesque goods. Hand painted and haired by expert craftspeople at The Horror Dome, you'll be stunned by the realistic look of this exceptional decoration. Place him in a hall of heads in you haunted house, and tell his story to transfixed onlookers, or mount him on your mailbox as a warning to the neighborhood trick or treaters.