Mirror on the Wall Halloween Decoration

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Hollywood Quality Horror!Terrify your unsuspecting guests with the latest killer addition in our arsenal of high-tech special effects: the Scary Mary Mirror! This beautiful ornate mirror easily serves as the center piece in any haunted house setting and appears to be innocent enough, until the mirror's reflection suddenly transforms into a specter emanating from one's deepest nightmares. Stealthily hidden behind the precisely formulated 2-way mirrored surface is an LCD video screen, ready for playback of any of our expanding library of routines: from sudden horrifying startles for use in key areas of your haunt, to longer format routines designed to entertain your guests while they wait in the queue line or to set up the back story for your attraction. The screen mounts easily to the wall using the included ultra-low profile wall mount. No false wall construction necessary. Each Scary Mary Mirror system includes: one intricately detailed mirror frame measuring a grand 40" tall by 28" wide, LCD panel, DVD player with HDMI output and cable, wall mount, and even a portrait light to illuminate it, if desired. An optional controller is available to enable the mirror's video to be triggered with a switch mat, PIR sensor, or hand-held switch (each sold separately).