Alien Warrior Head Movie Halloween Prop

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An interstellar predator who uses his victim's bodies to hatch his young, you're out of luck with the Alien stows away aboard your starship. This brilliantly engineered bioweapon has destroyed entire civilizations. There's no way your crew stands a chance, is there? To the murderous mutant's surprise, your team has a few tricks up their sleeve. Now, you're headed off to the colonies with his severed head mounted in the mess hall as a trophy. You were smart, and you were lucky; this time. The Alien Warrior Head Movie Halloween prop is an expertly designed specimen that looks exactly like the real beast in Ridley Scott's famous Aliens movies. Cast in premium latex, and fitted with realistic resin teeth, you'll feel as if this bloodthirsty brute is about to come alive. Hand painted and detailed by the expert craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this prop will be an impressive addition to any collection of sci-fi merchandise.