Exposed Medical Body Halloween Decoration (WHEEL CHAIR NOT INCLUDED)

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The victim of a flesh-eating bacteria or a zombie invasion? Whether bloodied by a run in with chupacabra or hit by an alien death-ray, this poor patient's prognosis is not great. Straight out of surgery gone terribly wrong, she's got less than a snowball's chance in Hell of pulling through. She sits in agony as she awaits the calm release of death. Just another lost soul suffering needlessly in the wicked hospital of horrors. If you're featuring a room dedicated to macabre medicine in your haunted house this season, you'll find the Exposed Medical Body Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome adds a gory touch that will leave your guests disgusted and full of dread. Perfectly paired with a murderous doctor character, this unlucky lady can be bent into a range of positions. Stand her up, place her in a wheelchair, or lay her out on the operating table, the choice is up to you.