Dr. Death Full Size Halloween Prop

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Fired from the hospital for performing unnecessary amputations, Dr. Death has opened his own underground clinic that never has a waiting line. From brutal experiments on helpless victims to acts of revenge against those who have wronged him, this sinister surgeon saws off limbs with a dull, rusty blade, and never an ounce of anesthesia. He makes sure his petrified patients feel every slice, and hear every cracking bone, as they are meticulously dismembered by this macabre MD. If you're setting up a room of medical horrors in your haunted house this year, you simply need the Dr. Death fill size Halloween animatronic. Expertly detailed by the inspired craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this perverse physician will send shivers down the spine of your terrified guests as they lean forward to see his work with and almost unquenchable morbid curiosity. They'll return to nightmares about one day waking up on his operating table.