Apparition Ghost Prop Halloween Decoration

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Down in the basement of a cursed abode a demonic spell has opened up a portal to purgatory, where lost souls languish for their sins. This ghastly apparition has slipped out into the living world, and now haunts these long dusty corridors all through the night. A result of witnessing a grotesque and violent deed, her blinded eyes drip red blood as she hovers in the darkness. Impossible to photograph, some doubt this undead menace even exists, though, the residents of this decrepit mansion have stories to tell. The Apparition Ghost Prop Halloween decoration is a high-quality creation that looks a little too realistic for comfort. Brilliantly crafted by the experts at The Horror Dome, she's hand detailed for a lifelike (um, undead-like) effect. Featuring a posable body on a metal stand, she can appear up to six feet tall. Terrify guests in the ghost room of your haunted house with this well-made prop.