American Werewolf Halloween Prop

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As a full moon rises over a quaint mountain town, a menacing howl rises from the surrounding hills. Citizens stricken with this ancient affliction start to transform into a hybrid species known as the American Werewolf. Under the pale lunar light, they hunt the forest for prey, from mice that are gobbled up in one bite to cougars and bears, and even a hapless camper or two. Circle the dates of the full moon on your calendar and stay locked indoors, that is, unless you're of the wolf-man persuasion. The American Werewolf Halloween prop is a meticulously detailed work of art, designed by the talented and twisted craftspeople at The Horror Dome. Featuring lifelike glass eyes, a vicious, attack ready jaw open wide and full of resin teeth, and high-quality yak fur for maximum realism, this beast will send shivers down the spine of all who cross his path.