TORSO TABLE Halloween Animatronic

"The Torso Table" Zombie Halloween Animatronic

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Diana was ecstatic to be invited to dinner by her neighbors who live down the street. But when she arrived, she was shocked to find she'd be the main course of the feast. As zombies dined on her sweet and juicy gut, she felt every last painful bite. Now she's infected with the same ancient curse that drove her hosts to murder. And she's looking to take a chomp out of the next unfortunate soul who passes by. The Torso Table Halloween animatronic is a unique scare that will cause your guests' hearts to skip a beat (not literally). As they examine this grotesque scene, they think "she must surely be dead." Then, triggered by a remote controller or a motion sensor, she rises up and attacks. The crowd will leap back at the sight of her ghoulish face and loose hanging intestines. This impressive prop is hand detailed by The Horror Dome for maximum realism.