Mini Popper

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Mini Popper is our “entry level” skeleton animatronic / animation, but don’t think that means we cut any corners.   The popper features a highly detailed 1/2 torso skeletal body form with evil skull, and severed upper arms. The skeleton is finished in an “antique” aged finish and includes our standard spitter for that extra added startle. The Skeleton is mounted on our high-quality 20″ light lifter mechanism and when activated the prop lifts up and towards your viewers. Lift and spit are tied together on one power supply. Great economy prop that is easy to conceal.

To use simply bolt down the frame work, add air, and plug in the power supply.  As power is applied, the skeleton will lift and spit, and when power is removed, the spitter will stop and the prop will retract.   Flow controls are included to control the lift and decent speeds.