"Medical Lab" Electric Animated Halloween Props - Package Deal

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Here is what you get:

Psycho Sam- Sam rocks slowly back and forth, maniacally talking to you and to the voices in his head. Intimidating! Rights to downloadable soundtrack is included. You provide a chair and MP3 player. All electric! Clothing may vary. 

Zappy- She's had a lobotomy and is as crazy as ever. Slowly rocks back and forth. Foam-filled body with metal armature and heavy duty motor.All electric. Soundtrack CD is included. You provide CD player. Costuming may vary.

Nurse Payne- Wild organic movement at the waist. Extreme realism in this Halloween Animatronic. Includes rights to downloadable soundtrack and movement control. Requires AC only. 

Dr. Dread- Doctor version of RIP. Head flops forward and back as body lunges organically. Extreme realism. Includes CD soundtrack and movement control. Requires AC only. Ships by Truck Freight.

Bowel Movements- This life-size torture victim has the top of his skull removed and his gut sliced open. Exposed innards and brains are highly detailed for a shockingly real look. When activated, he quivers, breaths deeply, and utters anguished moans. Easy to set up on any table, this prop doesn't require a noisy air compressor.

Full Size Body Bag- An all-electric design, it doesn't require a noisy air compressor. Hang it from the ceiling in any torture chamber, macabre morgue, or evil butcher shop scene. Once a guest wanders up to take a closer look, trigger its animatronic action. They'll be startled and shriek at the top of their lungs.