Haunted Furniture - Decorations

When they say this place is haunted, they mean it. We don't mean an eerie ghost is spotted in the hallway late at night, two or three times a year. We mean ghouls, specters, apparitions and demons are literally crawling out of the woodwork. You don't have to spend more than a few minutes wandering these corridors until one of them jumps out, and attempts to drag you back to the world of the damned.

Take your professional attraction to the next level with Halloween Haunted Furniture from The Horror Dome. In this collection you'll fin a number of unique animatronic designs that are hand crafted for a shockingly real look. From cabinets that swing open to reveal a murderous monster, to zombies who pop up from a seemingly empty fire pit, and possession victims who fly up off their beds, there's a lot to discover in this line of animated props.

Set up a morgue scene where the bodies begin to come to life or treat guests to an entertaining fright with Ghost Bust projection effects. Discover wicked animatronics, both large and small, at The Horror Dome.