Animated Haunted Table- Haunted House Animatronic

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What haunted house is complete without a Haunted Table?

Our animated haunted table was designed to appear as your common every day living room or dining room table, but when activated a highly detailed evil skeletal prop emerges from a hidden hatch and lunges up and towards your viewers before spraying them with a mist of air and water.

This prop features an all steel framework, heavy duty hinges and linkages as well as a thick table top with black table cloth and finished with a damask overlay.

Can also be purchased without the table top or customized to mimic a kitchen table. Blood or slime finishes, upgraded spitters, audio, and lighting effects also available for an additional fee. Size 46 x 46 x 32

Requires 80-100 psi air compressor, not included.

Optional Head Turn Skeleton available for an additional charge of $515.

Optional High Volume Spitter or Bad Breath Spitter available for an additional charge of $515.