Hanging Ghost Decoration - 6'

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There no such thing as ghosts, right? That's what your tell yourself as you saunter confidently through the halls of a supposedly haunted mansion. Sure, there are some cobwebs, a dank odor or two, and a few occult books scattered around, but you're certain it's all pretend. You turn the corner, and suddenly, a puff of fog hits your face, a strobe light erupts, and a Hanging Ghost drops down right in front of you. You feel your heart pounding as you step back and gasp.

The Hanging Ghost Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a life size, 6' tall prop. It has a menacing skeleton-esque face, and posable arms. Drop these Ghosts from the ceiling when your guest least expects it for a memorable fright that will have them running for the exits. Hang them around the corner, and use a motion sensor to trigger smoke, sounds, and light. Position one on your front porch and warn local pranksters to stay away from your grounds, or use one to set the scene at your next costume party or haunted cocktail hour.

6 foot hanging ghouls with draping costumes, character head, hands and adjustable arms.