Zombie Skeleton Hands Halloween Costume Gloves

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Feel the decaying and disgusting hand of the undead on your skin with Zombie Skeleton hands costume gloves. A door squeaks open, and in reaches the hand of the damned. Covered in sores, with exposed bone and pink muscle tissue, these hands are made for strangling the life out of anyone who crosses their path. The next thing you know, the intruder lunges across the room and you shriek as its fungus infested fingernails slice through your skin. A Horror Dome original, Zombie Skeleton gloves are painted in house and brilliantly detailed for a lifelike (or, undead-like) look. They are the perfect finishing touch to unforgettably frightening Halloween costumes, and make a unique addition to any collection of ghoulish goods. They are stretchable and will fit most hands. Shoot a indie monster flick or reach for petrified children as the hayride passes the local cemetery. These amazing gloves are truly Hollywood-quality gear.

Zombie Skeleton Hands Features:

  • Hand painted for authenticity
  • Stretchable, Fit Most Hands
  • High end quality

The Zombie Skeleton Hands are halloween costume hands offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.