Movie Quality Pumpkin Deluxe Latex Hands

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Evil lurks in the pumpkin patch at night. When unwitting farmers plowed this fertile land, they failed to realize they were planting their crops on an ancient burial site. Angered by this desecration, the souls of the dead entered the roots of the pumpkin plants and mutated these harmless vegetables into murderous, sinister squash monsters. As you take a shortcut through the fields on your way home, a strong pair of orange Pumpkin Hands reaches out and grabs you around the ankles. Your clawing nails leave ten tiny trails in the dirt as you are dragged off. These Movie Quality Pumpkin Deluxe latex hands are the ideal accompaniment to any possessed Jack O'Lantern or orange ghoul costume. Designed for a tight fit that allows for realistic motion, the extend up most of your forearm, thus providing a seamless look when worn with a long sleeve top. These Horror Dome originals are hand painted for a shockingly lifelike look.