"Rotted Jason Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

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Years of sitting at the bottom of a bacteria filled lake haven't exactly kept Jason's skin young and vibrant. You think you're enjoying a night out with a few pals, drinking a beer on the dock and flirting with your crush under a full moon. Then suddenly, Rotted Jason Hands grab you by the ankle and pull you down into the water. Grabbing on to the dock for dear life, the last thing you remember seeing is your friends running in fear as you're pulled under. Thanks for nothing. The Rotted Jason Hands Halloween costume accessories from The Horror Dome will take your look to the next level. These realistic looking gloves are torn, and reveal bone exposed through decaying flesh in gory detail. They're a must have for any fan of the Friday the 13th franchise, and will make a wonderful addition to your collection of Hollywood or macabre memorabilia.