"Ultimate Spectre" HD Signature Pro Ghost Costume

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Of all things in the night, that cause great worry and fright, the phantom that scares me most, is an angry and vengeful ghost. Silently roaming the hallways of an old mansion at night, this ghoulish specter suffers the eternal pain of being denied passage to the afterlife. For what dark deeds does this lost serve out its never-ending sentence? No one knows the true reason this being suffers damnation. As you hear floorboards in an adjacent room mysteriously creaking, the only thing that matters to you is staying hidden from this supernatural being. Movie Quality Ghost Halloween costumes from The Horror Dome are painted and "haired" in house by our talented craftspeople. They feature Hollywood-style looks at a great price. Perfect for haunting a local cemetery, freaking out riders on a hayride, shocking guests at your haunted house, or turning the heads of other undead at a raging costume party, these costume sets are brilliantly designed to be as frightening as (in)humanly possible.

Movie Quality Ghost Includes:

  • Deluxe Tight Fitting Hands
  • Ultra Realistic Mask
  • Movie Quality Robe and Hood

The Ghost spectre is a collector halloween costume offered by the experts at the Horror Dome. Fits any person up to 210 lbs.