"Grey Alien" HD Studios Pro Mask

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This angry Grey Alien invader can't wait to colonize the pathetic rock we call planet Earth. He's traveled thousands of light years with conquest on his mind, and he starting with your town. With the classic bulbous head, large black eyes, small, pig-like nasal openings, and stern pursed lips, this pale skinned extraterrestrial plans on abducting, probing, and possibly mutilating scores of townsfolk until he has the information about humankind that he needs to start the full on invasion.

A full over the head design, the Grey Alien Collector Halloween mask provides a cinema-quality seamless look when worn with a bodysuit, jacket or hoodie. Created and crafted by the inspired, yet twisted artists at The Horror Dome, this exceptional ET is hand painted for a shockingly realistic look. You may even trigger the repressed memories of a past close encounter with these lifelike masks.

Construct an alien autopsy scene in your haunted house, or pass your haunted hayride by a spaceship crash site. These iconic Grey masks are great for everything from rocking out at a raging costume party to shooting your own indie sci-fi flick. Made from choice materials, you'll find these designs to be highly durable and long lasting.

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