"Flesh Ripper Demon" HD Studios Pro Mask

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Greater than the sum of his evils, the Flesh Ripper Demon renews his epidermis with the skin of his brutally murdered victims. If you're lucky, you'll die before you feel your skin being peeled off by his monstrously strong fingers. A cold, calculated killer, this unholy psychopath features a spiky skull adorned with protruding flesh, rolled-back, half-dead eyes, and a ferocious mouth full of sharp teeth. His flesh is a patchwork of his prey's various skin tones, riveted together to form a macabre membrane.

The Flesh Ripper Demon Collector Halloween Mask is a unique, one of a kind Horror Dome design. Hand painted and detailed by inspired and demented craftspeople, this frightening monster is perfect for a house or horrors, a twisted costume party, trick or treating, or freaking out passengers on the haunted hayride. It's made from premium materials and will last you through many nights of inducing bad dreams in the local populace.

A professional-quality over the head model, the Flesh Ripper mask provides a seamless look when worn with a flannel shirt, hoodie, or zipped-up jacket. Wear it out, or add it to your collection of ghastly good, the choice is yours.

Flesh Ripper Demon Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Designed and Created in the USA
  • Multiple skin tones and realistic hand painting for authenticity

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