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Creating the perfect horror-themed party is about more than just having the right Halloween costume, you have to make sure your ambiance is on point to ensure that everyone has a ghoulishly good time. The Horror Dome is here to provide you with movie grade halloween props that can make sure that every inch of your event simply oozes terror. Whether you need bloody gory props like a properly packaged human leg served up in meat-market packaging or other human body parts like a silicone brain to serve as a center-piece at your Halloween feast, we’ve got something for you.

Are you looking for something to spruce up your costume and add a special something to it? Our scary Halloween props can help you there too! Maybe you need a peeled human forearm and hand to reach out and touch people with, or a skinned adult face to carry around in case you ever need to change up your look - our realistic Halloween Props will get the job done.

Looking to go big and want to get everything you need in a single order? Take a look at our Halloween package deals that can help you set the theme. From a collection of severed heads to the tombstones and skeletons in our graveyard props set, The Horror Dome can make sure your Halloween is one your guests will never forget.

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