Grave Digger 2 Halloween Animatronic

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When the dead begin to rise, it'll probably be the undertakers who are first to be bitten. This unfortunate Grave Digger was chomped in the ankle by the first zombie out of the ground. Now he's a weary walker himself; stuck in the habit of shoveling graves while his moldy skin begins to decay. Avoid the burial grounds at night and leave this undead workaholic to his chores. Get too close, and you'll surely be his next victim. The Grave Digger 2 Halloween animatronic will be an amazing addition to any haunted cemetery scene. Steadfastly performing his duties this rotting worker is an unsettling sight to see as you scan the rows of tombstones for possible zombie attack. Triggered by a programable controller or motion sensor, you'll have no problem getting this gaunt gent to activate at precisely the right time for maximum effect. A Horror Dome original, he's hand painted and detailed.

REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi.
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