"Tombstone Jumper" Graveyard Halloween Animatronic

"Tombstone Jumper" Graveyard Halloween Animatronic

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Stay away from the cemetery at night, lest you get treated to a blood-curdling fright. On dank and foggy evenings like tonight, the dead have a way of coming alive. Was this graveyard built on a portal to the underworld, or tarnished by a demonic curse? There's no way of knowing what evil deed went down here, but one thing is for certain; when skeletons begin to rise from their tombs, it's time to get the hell out of Dodge. The Tombstone Jumper Halloween animatronic features a classic gravestone surrounded by eerie fog. As your unsuspecting guests peer in for a look at the epitaph, a spooky skeleton pops out from behind the slab. When triggered at the right moment, it will create a bone-chilling scare. Perfect for any haunted burial ground or zombie apocalypse scene, this Horror Dome original is hand detailed for a lifelike look, and made from durable materials.