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Animated Cauldron Creeper- The perfect solution to those troubling neighborhood kids: the Cauldron Creep! Wearing a tattered costume with long shredded-gauze accents, this disgusting 72" tall animated Cauldron Creep loves stirring his stew - and wants to have you for dinner! Featuring PVC head with hinged jaw, hands and chest with such realistic sculpted details you have to see to believe he's not real - truely disgusting! Plug in the UL power adapter into any standard outlet & choose from Steady-On or Infra-Red Sensor or Step Here Pad (included) activation options to operate. Once activated, this rotting corpse's eyes will glow as his head raises & lowers while he slowly stirs the brew with his long staff topped with a rotting plastic skull in his glowing green cauldron, with the burning embers beneath it glow with heat while saying one of three sayings ("(evil laughter)", "Stir, stir, stir the pot, I've put me flesh in, now I've naught. I'll let it simmer 'til bubbling brew, and when it's ready I'll come find you! He heh heh", "Ah, this is thickening nicely, yessss. Heh heh, this cauldron is full of tasty morsels I have found. Would you like to give it a try? It's Halloween ANYTHING can happen this night! Heh Hah!" Attach the optional Fog Hose (included) to your Fog Machine (not included) to add fog coming out of the cauldron to complete the creepy effect.

Crouching Bones- Crouching Bones is watching you as he guards the haunted cemetery! His skeletal body moves side-to-side trying to keep trespassers as far away as possible. Features long white hair, green LED eyes, dangling jaw and hands. Optional idea: add your own mini fan in front of Crouching Bones to make him more creepy. (Fan not included). Made of: polyurethane, metal, polyester, PVC, and electronic parts. Life-sized prop measures approximately 36 inches tall.

Spider Bites- They say a giant, man-eating arachnid roams the caverns beneath this unfortunate town. Would-be heroes have searched for its hidden lair for years, only to disappear without a trace. As you stumble through the darkness, you encounter this gargantuan beast's latest victim. Still alive, yet tightly bound by thick cobwebs, this unlucky dude shakes and shrieks in pain. Slowly drained of his blood, death will not come easy.

Moving Monument Electric Animatronic - Moving Monument is a frightronic animated rocking tombstone. Made of latex and foam filled this all electric moving prop is perfect for your cemetery, grave and zombie scenes. Appropriate for haunted houses, theme parks and home haunters. Includes rights to downloadable soundtrack.

Tipping Tombstone Electric Animatronic- Decorate your grave scene with our Tipping Tombstone animated prop. All electric latex and foam tombstone rocks back and forth when you plug it in. Perfect for Halloween decorating, home haunters, haunted houses and more. Comes with rights to downloadable soundtrack.