"Zombie" Animated Halloween Prop

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As you sneak through the hallway of this deserted mansion, the foul stench of decaying flesh fills your nostrils. Finally, you think, he's close. With eyes rendered mostly useless from the lack of light, you focus on labored wheezing coming from what sounds like the next room over. You burst into the chamber with guns blazing, but there's no demon to be found. Suddenly, after the commotion has stopped, you feel a cold, boney hand on your shoulder and a sharp pain in your neck. Just like that, your Zombie hunting days are done. The Animated Zombie prop animatronic from The Horror Dome is a brilliantly designed decoration that will take any haunted house to the another level. He makes gross, guttural zombie noises, and features flashing eyes that can be seen from yards away at night. Perfect on his own, or as a member of a horde of walkers, he'll have your guests shaking in their boots.