Curtain Leaper Halloween Animatronic

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Our Production Schedule is booked up until Late October on this Animatronic.

Abandoned after a demonic cult used this magnificent mansion for a ritual murder followed by the execution of a suicide pact, lost souls are said to inhabit its dark, dank corridors. As you wander from room to room, you can't shake the eerie feeling that you're being watched, perhaps even, hunted. Nervous, you notice a cold sweat blanketing your body, and flinch at every little creak that emanates from this disturbing dwelling. Suddenly, your worst fears are realized as a ghastly ghoul comes lunging in for the kill. The Curtain Leaper Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is an exceptional prop that will have your guests shrieking in terror. Activated by a switch, motion sensor or pressure pad, this vicious ghost will come bursting through the curtains when the unlucky onlooker least expects it. Hand detailed for ultimate realism, your patrons will feel their hearts sink as he zooms toward the crowd.