"Decapitated Dana Extreme Severed Head" HD Studios Bloody Halloween Prop

"Decapitated Dana Extreme Severed Head" HD Studios Bloody Halloween Prop

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Though she always kept her cool, she ended up losing her head. Some say it was a run in with an axe-wielding lunatic, others say it was a gruesome industrial or car accident, or a botched hanging that sent her body tumbling to the ground like an oversized rag doll. Whatever the cause, Decapitated Dana's skull has been separated from her shoulders, leaving a realistic-looking bloody stump. With expert attention paid to every last detail from her eye lashes to the lines on her face, your guests will do a double-take when they see this life-like Halloween decoration. Add her to a collection of severed head decorations and create a serial killer's trophy room, or hang her hacked noggin on the wall to warn of the dangers inside your haunted house. Like all other props and decor from The Horror Dome, Decapitated Dana is made from choice materials and will strike fear into those who witness her restless eternal slumber.

Decapitated Dana Features:

  • Hand Painted and Haired for Authenticity
  • Real Eye Lashes and Bloody Neck Stump
  • Shockingly Realistic

Decapitated Dana is an extreme severed head decoration offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.