Evil Dead Halloween Costumes

Who's that knocking at your backdoor in the middle of the night? A friend or family member in trouble? A criminal looking to break in? Perhaps it's the neighborhood pranksters preparing the old flaming bag of dog poo gag. You turn the handle and the door swings open. To your shock you see a horde of zombies congregating in your yard. Seems your property was built on top of a graveyard, and the dead have begun to rise.

With Evil Dead Halloween costumes from The Horror Dome, you'll have the perfect look for a night roaming the town in search of juicy human brains. Inspired by the hit TV series, these zombie costumes are hand detailed by talented artists. The result is a Hollywood-quality look that will strike fear into the heart of even the bravest trick or treater. Stalk the land as a solo walker, or team up with your friends and hit the costume party dressed as a horde of walkers.

Whether you're running a professional haunted house, freaking out passengers on the hayride, or just looking to take an unforgettable selfie for social media, you'll find these realistic looking costumes are up to the task. Discover a ghastly new character today.