"Zombie Cat" HD Studios Halloween Puppet Prop

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Look what the cat dragged in... a severed hand. Kitty is in a bad mood, to say the least. This undead Zombie Cat has risen from the pet cemetery and is stalking the land on a quest for warm flesh. Any exposure to its infected saliva will cause painful suffering and eventual death. Soon, you'll be roaming the neighborhood as a mindless walking mouth, looking to feed on human brains, with this faithful zombie pet by your side. The Zombie Cat puppet Halloween decoration is an oversized beast who measures in at over 2 feet long. Cradle it in your arms and manipulate its head and jaws. Hand painted by talented artists at The Horror Dome, this ferocious feline will instantly draw the curiosity of your guests as it hisses and moans from eternal anger and pain. This petrifying pussy pairs perfectly with a zombie or witch costume.

Zombie Cat Puppet Features:

  • Comes with movie quality fur on arms, head and body
  • Upper/Lower teeth and jaws move and head turns for realistic movement
  • Over 2 feet long
  • Sound not included

The Zombie Cat Puppet is a movie quality halloween decoration offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.