"Vampire Bat" HD Studios Halloween Puppet Prop

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Soaring through the night, the Vampire Bat spots his prey, swoops in and sinks his long fangs into an unsuspecting victim's neck. Damning his target to an eternity roaming the Earth as the living undead, he sucks every last drop of blood from the momentarily motionless corpse. Then as quickly as he appeared, he jets off into the dark sky. Watch your back as your walk home from work, there's a vicious flying monster on the loose. The Vampire Bat puppet is a movie-quality Halloween decoration. Cradle him in your arms and manipulate his terrifying teeth. He'll seemingly come alive, frightening the socks off your guests. Hand painted and haired by The Horror Dome, this murderous little fellow is a must-have prop for any haunted house that includes vampires. Stare into his unforgiving eyes and sense nothing but an animalistic lust for blood and flesh. You'll be sure to lock your windows before you go to sleep.

Vampire Bat Puppet Features:

  • Movie Quality Bat
  • Fur Hand-painted and haired for most realistic look
  • Head, arms, and mouth move with ultra realistic movement

The Vampire Bat Puppet is a high quality halloween decoration offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.