"Possessed Baby" HD Studios Halloween Puppet Prop

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Possessed by a demonic entity, this poor soul is rotten to the core. Despite being separated from her Mother, she refuses to die. With menacing, bloodshot eyes, slashed leathery skin, and a grotesque mouth dripping green bile, this Exorcist Baby curses the unlucky few who cross her path. Perfect for any haunted house, the Possessed Baby puppet Halloween decoration is a finely detailed prop that looks eerily realistic. Hand painted and produced by the experts at The Horror Dome, with movable mouth, head and arms, this puppet will give nightmares to the local trick or treaters. Pair this puppet with an adult Zombie costume and compete a ferocious family unit.

Possessed Baby Puppet Features:

  • Hand painted and Hand Haired for most realistic look possible
  • Upper head and teeth move
  • Over 2 feet long

The Possessed Baby Puppet is a movie quality halloween decoration offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.