Exorcist Talking Head Puppet Halloween Decoration

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Possessed by a demonic entity, this poor soul chatters on incessantly in devilish tongues. Despite being separated from her body, she refuses to die. With menacing, bloodshot eyes, slashed leathery skin, and a grotesque mouth dripping green bile, the Exorcist Talking Head curses the unlucky few who cross her path. Let these ancient ungodly phrases fall on your ears, and you'll soon begin a bone-chilling journey to a dark and depraved underworld. The Exorcist Talking Head Halloween decoration will take your front porch to the next level. Whether you're putting together a professional haunted house, or just decking out your abode for the holiday season, you'll find this ghoulish animated prop draws instant interest from guests, trick or treaters, and neighbors. Crafted by the inspired designers at The Horror Dome, this movie-quality speaking head is ideal for mount in a hallway of tortured dead, or an exorcist themed room.

Exorcist Talking Head Features:

  • Movie Quality Design
  • Controlled by you
  • Hand painted and haired for the most realistic look possible

The Exorcist Talking Head Puppet is a movie quality halloween decoration offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.