Creepy Halloween Masks


There’s a fine line between scary and creepy, and that line involves a subtlety of execution found in our line of creepy Halloween masks. While scary will shock you for a moment, creepy masks contain an element of lingering horror that will stay for years to come. Every piece in this collection represents the skilled craftsmanship of our team executed with an understanding of the human psyche that will ensure the feeling stays with you for years to come.

This feeling is captured perfectly in the soulless eyes of our Rotting Rebecca mask presented alongside a prominent yet subtle wrongness found in the decayed lips and rotting scalp. Palooka the Clown plays on multiple tropes that get right under your skin, starting with the unsettling clown face and ending with a grin that seems just a bit too large.

This line of Halloween masks will provide the satisfaction of doing more than just scaring your victims. The visage that greets them at your party will haunt their nightmares for years to come.

184 products

184 products