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Delivering the perfect fright requires more than just the perfect Halloween mask or Halloween costume. To really deliver a scare that will have your guests howling requires putting the whole outfit together. Our Halloween Costume Accessories provide numerous ways to bring it all together in a unique experience that is unforgettable.

It starts with master-crafted hands and feet created with premium latex that delivers an impeccably realistic result when combined with meticulous coloration and detail. Looking for a creepy companion to carry with you through the night? Take along one of our horrific puppets such as the baby werewolf, zombie cat, or a zombie baby that will send chills down your guest's spine.

Are you looking for something truly special? We have chest pieces designed with gaping maws and horrific twins trying to break their way out of your stomach. From feet and hands to boots and cleavers, anything you need to tie together your Halloween outfit can be found in our Halloween Costume Accessories!

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