UV Reactive Glowsticks - 1lb.

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Years ago, a mystic cult opened a portal to the underworld on these grounds. Unfortunately for you, that portal was never quite shut. As you explore the ruins of this creepy estate, you start to notice a faint, almost radioactive glow. Cobwebs, slimy mold, and possessed objects seem to all give off this eerily beautiful light. Although you know this is an evil energy, you're drawn to it like a mosquito to a bug zapper. You know you'll lose your soul if you touch one of these wicked objects, but you just can't stop yourself.

With UV Reactive Gluesticks from The Horror Dome, you'll have an amazing visual effect at your fingertips. These standard size gluesticks are designed to glow when exposed to a blacklight. Add otherworldly detailing to a scene in your professional haunted house, or decorate your home before the big Halloween party. Sold in 1lb. packs, this UV Reactive hot glue is easy to apply and remove. Create a surreal experience for your visitors or patrons with a pro-quality blacklight, and this versatile glue. Use it to affix decorations, or write an ominous message on the wall.