CREEPY the CLOWN Halloween Decoration

"Creepy the Clown" Halloween Prop

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Don't clown around with this demonic jester. Creepy the Clown wants to drag you back to his demented big top, string you up to a trapeze, and slit your throat so you rain blood down on his circus ring of terror. There, he performs ancient occult rituals while you slowly bleed out. When you're bone dry, he'll render your fat into macabre makeup to cover his cracked and leathery skin. Keep your distance from Creepy and live to see another day. Create an evil clown room in your haunted house and give your coulrophobic guests a nightmare-inducing experience. Designed and crafted by talented artists at The Horror Dome, the Creepy the Clown Halloween decoration is a full size prop that features Hollywood-quality detailing. His lifelike appearance will strike fear into the hearts of all those who witness his twisted, menacing smile. Made from choice materials, this durable decoration will be a favorite, year after year.