Road Kill Zombie Mask

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While thumbing a ride to the next seedy town, this aimless deadbeat was accidentally mowed down. But before he could die on the side of the road, a passing zombie stopped in for a feast. With one bite, the walker infected our hapless hitchhiker, and now he wanders the land searching for juicy human brains. An agonizing existence, he's constantly hungry and in excruciating pain.

With a torn open face and a smashed-in half jaw, the Road Kill Zombie mask is a gruesome sight to behold. Bulging, milky, undead eyes seem ever fixed on the next meal, while a massive wound covers the right side of this poor pedestrian's face. Moldy, gray skin and a hairless, bald dome round out this unique character's look.

A Horror Dome original design, the Road Kill Zombie is hand painted and detailed for maximum realism. He makes a great solo Halloween costume, and will look amazing with a horde of zombies at your haunted house or hayride. Wear this mask around town and freak out the neighbors, delight your guests with the fright of their lives, or add this menacing mug to your collection of macabre merchandise.


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