"Carnage" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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How could such a vile creature come to be? Is he a product of genetic testing? A mutant monster caused by radioactive waste dumped in the ocean? Perhaps he's an ancient curse cast eons ago by Hades and Poseidon, or the next stage in the natural evolution of a mysterious bottom-dwelling life form. Nobody knows exactly where the ferocious Carnage comes from, but one thing's for certain, he is absolutely terrifying.

With scale like skin, cheek flaps that resemble an angry lizard, and the cold, uncaring eyes of a serpent, the Carnage Collector Halloween Mask will send shivers down the spines of even the most hardened monster hunters. Watch your back around the lake at night, unless you want this beast to chomp away on your flesh with his unique double mouth.

An original creation by the twisted and talented artists at The Horror Dome, this collection-worthy product is a full over the head design, that offers a seamless, realistic look. Hand painted for maximum detail, this monster is so lifelike, you won't feel comfortable turning your back on him, even if he's just resting on the couch. Add this vicious villain to your haunted house, and leave your guests with weeks of nightmares.

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