Classic Monster Halloween Masks



    Take home an iconic character that's sure to induce nightmares with Classic Monster Masks from The Horror Dome. Tell the tale of the mummy's curse, then have the real thing burst through the walls and attack your guests. Howl at the full moon dressed as a beastly werewolf, or lurk in the darkness with a long black cloak and a vicious vampire mask from this selection.

    Join up with friends and roam the neighborhood as a horde of zombies or an alien invasion. Hand detailed for maximum realism, these fantastic latex designs will make you the star of the next costume party or masquerade ball. Introduce a new storyline to your haunted house and treat visitors to a bone-chilling fright. These premium creations are so lifelike, they'll have guests shaking in their boots and screaming in horrified delight.

    From creepy clowns to ghastly ghosts, and demons spawned in Hell, there's something for every macabre mind in this diverse collection. Wear a mask around town for Halloween, outfit an actor at your attraction, or add it to your stash of haunt industry goods. The choice is up to you.

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