Full Size Grinch Statue Halloween Decoration

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The happiest time of year can quickly becomes a season of disappointment when this green goblin drops by. Nobody knows how to ruin a fiesta like The Grinch. Invading homes through chimneys, this antagonistic anti-Santa steals presents, decorations, food and even firewood from the people of Whoville. Of course, a lack of material things won't keep the good citizens down. They celebrate the holiday anyway, much to the chagrin of this unpleasant goon, and in the end he returns the lifted loot. This Full Size Grinch Statue Halloween decoration is crafted by the expert artists at The Horror Dome to look exactly like the Jim Carrey version of this classic bad guy. Give a nod to the coming holiday season at the end of your haunted house, or use this instantly recognizable fellow as a sure-fire conversation starter at your Christmas party. From corporate events to private collections of movie memorabilia, this lifelike character will be a hit.