"Twitch The Zombie" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

"Twitch The Zombie" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

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This product is a made to order piece that takes 6-8 weeks to produce. *During peak season (August-October) please allow for delays.

As we all expected, the undead uprising has been quite a gory affair. The battle between hordes of zombies and humans has left many casualties on each side. For example, our friend Twitch here. Sliced in half by a fearless zombie hunter, he writhes in pain on the floor. In true undead fashion, his one track mind still calls out for human brains. Don't let him get ahold of your ankle, he'll drag you down with supernatural strength and munch on your grey matter.

The Twitch the Zombie Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is an all-electric design. It doesn't require a noisy air compressor and is easy to set up almost anywhere. Twitch is cut in half right under the rib cage. He has decaying pale-tan skin and messy brown hair. White pupil-less eyes and jagged teeth complete the look. He cries out for human brains and moans.

Set up an unforgettable undead uprising scene in your haunted house attraction with a mix of live actors, and realistic animatronics like this hand detailed beast from The Horror Dome