Bloody / Gory Masks


Gross out your friends and neighbors with Bloody & Gory Masks from The Horror Dome. If guts and gore are your thing, you'll love these disgusting, ghastly creations. From unlucky freaks who have suffered traumatic injury or been torn apart by hungry zombies, to parasites emerging from their host and bloodthirsty vampires looking for their next victim, there's plenty to choose from in this lurid line.

Bring captivating new characters into your haunted house and watch guests shriek in terror when they meet one of these bloody bullies. Freak out that scary hayride by appearing from the nearby cemetery dressed as a grisly goon, or put the finishing touches on a Halloween outfit that will be the talk of the town. Whether you're looking to wear these fantastically frightening designs for a night of serious trick or treating with the family, shoot a homemade monster movie with big-budget looks, or simply add a new piece to your collection of macabre merchandise, these masks are up the task.

Hand detailed by the inspired artists and craftspeople at The Horror Dome. These premium latex masks will provide a cinema-quality seamless look when worn with a jacket, shirt, or robe.

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1 product