"Lighted Gargoyle Wall Mount" Haunted House Decoration

"Lighted Gargoyle Wall Mount" Haunted House Decoration

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Buried in these catacombs lies more than just piles of bones. Legend has it, treasure of untold value is hidden in this meandering underground tombs. Though many have tried to locate it, none have found it, and a few ended up losing their minds. As you travel the dark passageway to the tombs, you notice menacing gargoyles holding flickering candles. You hesitate to turn your back on them. They seem like they may come to life and tear you limb from limb.

The Lighted Gargoyle wall mount Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a frightening set piece that will take your haunted house experience to the next level. If you're managing a commercial attraction, you know that the little details make a big difference. This 21"" x 10"" x 10"" mount runs on AC power and features two flickering light bulbs. It's perfect for any creepy castle scene, vampire's lair, underground dungeon, secret occult site, or skeleton-filled catacombs. Your guests will wonder if the gargoyle is there to scare away evil spirits, or warn the living of their impending doom, should they continue down the dark hallway.

21"x10"x10". Includes 2 flickering lights and operates on AC power.